We are an interdisciplinary, skillful group of people, curious about the craft of building software.

Healthcare is complex.

We are engineers passionate about solving the complexity of Health IT, and the stress induced by those systems. Our development teams work closely with our clients to streamline complexities to deliver customized, user-friendly web or mobile solutions that integrate with your existing Health IT.

We understand the complexity.

We like to get out and talk with real people about healthcare systems and processes in order to discover better ways for humans to interact with health information. This passion has even taken us to the streets to talk with people about health insurance.

We embrace the complexity.

We are engineers - so of course we love technology and design. But it's all for a bigger purpose: Boosting your organization. We build apps that radically improve productivity, as well as support your relationships with patients or members. For us to accomplish this we build deep partnerships. We assign a dedicated team to each project, and invite our clients to keep in touch daily throughout the design and development process.

Our Culture

We are makers, technologists and tinkerers. We are only comfortable when we are designing and building something awesome.