We Build Human-Focused Health IT Systems that Improve Efficiency & Engagement

High Tech, Healthcare Focused

POMIET solutions promote better interactions and quality care.

We help organizations adapt to the tectonic shifts in health information technology (HIT) through understanding the users of technology and developing custom solutions that promote peace of mind for everyone.

We improve interactions and outcomes with human-centered design and collaborative efficient teams.

Proven Process

Our development process streamlines complexities to deliver customized, user-friendly web or mobile solutions that integrate with your existing Health IT.

Healthcare Expertise

Our experience helps us quickly understand and overcome the complex obstacles that often seem to be permanent features of healthcare.

Focused Team

Our focused, interdisciplinary development teams use a proprietary methodology and deep understanding of health IT to build your custom solution.

We Design and Build Solutions

Web and mobile applications to support practitioners and patients, payers and members.

Population Health Management

Customized the dashboards and insights required by population health managers to improve outcomes across a patient cohort. Utilized machine learning methods to enhance campaign management.

Care Management

Streamlined and optimized the care management process through improved tracking and documentation methods and integrated team communication. Improved usability by over 200%.

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