Sometimes you need to lean back to leap forward.

Peace of Mind for Better Solutions.

Peace of Mind in Everyday Technology.

Take a deep breath. Now let it out, slowly. Yes, there is a way to approach software development and work process innovation while reducing tension, time, and tendency toward error. We call it the POMIET™ way: Peace of Mind in Everyday Technology. How does it work? It starts with our fully-managed development team that works with you to integrate lean process with human factors expertise. And it results in:

  • business value over technology,
  • prioritized focus instead of scope creep,
  • accountability in place of uncertainty.

When you partner with the POMIET™ team, you’ll discover a more positive, productive, people-centered product—during development and in everyday use. You’ll know what to expect and how things are going. You’ll know how everything relates to the whole. Best of all, you’ll breathe easier on your next project.

We imagine a world where...

  • turning great business ideas into meaningful web and mobile applications is easy, collaborative, and fun.

  • expert teams are at your service to lead you through the process, provide the right talent at the right time, and deliver measurable value you can trust

  • you are confident, knowing you’re following a proven process to success—while improving along the way.

  • user design, code craftsmanship, and business results go hand-in-hand to deliver Peace of Mind in Everyday Technology.

This is the world POMIET is developing. Let's develop it together.